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By Himiko Sadiki

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"This bitch helped me burn my wedding dress. I really should say she burned that dang thing. I couldn’t set it on fire myself.

I think it was my subconscious mind or my broken heart that still wanted him to choose me. At any rate, as I kept half heartly, to her encouragement, I attempted to light my dress on fire. She boldly and excitedly marched right over to me, took the hand-held light, and without any struggle sent fourteen years up in smoke. As I tried to convince myself this is exactly what I wanted, she was right there consoling me. “Miko you did the right thing. You don’t want to be with anyone like him. He is a monster!” As I stared at the smoke, my response to her was “Girl, hell-naw…I don’t want his ass.”

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What readers are saying about the Book!

"This book is an unexpected page turner!
I couldn't put it down. What a great read!!!"

Heather Q.

Mother of 3 boys

"Himiko shared a very vulnerable experience of her life in this book! When we become vulnerable so that others can learn and grow, we become a source of strength for others."

Omachile O.

Founder Women of Redding

Meet the Author

Himiko Sadiki

When I first started writing this book, I wrote with the intention of being heard and understood. I wanted to have my final word not with a phone call, but with a bull horn. As I continued to write, I realized I was being called to write this book. It was no longer about having the final word but offering you the reader a look inside of how we get in our own way. Finding your way after a divorce, or a breakup is the heart of Cuffed and Bound, and I could feel as I was writing, this would become a movement.

Writing Cuffed and Bound, became my point of reference, and forced me to evaluate me, with a self-check. This book will light the pathway back to you. So let’s get uncuffed and unbound together.

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